A Belize based non-profit organization with a mission to strengthen and connect indigenous Garifuna communities by providing empowerment and support towards projects that conserve cultural and spiritual traditions. 

Established on May 15th 2012, the Wagiya Foundation serves as a coordinating body that focuses on Garifuna cultural rejuvenation and sustainable community development.

Who We Are

The Wagiya Foundation is run by an executive Board of Directors. The Board serves on a voluntary basis without pay, meets twice a year and sets the policies of the organization. The Board employs a Chief Executive Officer who serves as administrative head of the organization.

What We Do

Working with Garifuna settlement community based organizations, Wagiya identifies appropriate grants, applies for funding and allocates resources for selected projects. The projects fall under the following Program Categories:

  • Environmental & Natural Resource Conservation
  • International Development & Trade
  • Economic Security, Self-Sufficiency & Work
  • Education, Training & Knowledge Transfer

Wagiya provides oversight of the funds and projects ensuring accountability and successful completion.  We also provide a central point to assist in project management and to capture knowledge enabling the sharing of lessons learned and best practices. These tasks help facilitate our ability to duplicate successful projects throughout the Garifuna settlements and diaspora.


The Wayiga Foundation has partnered with other organizations to reach our goals. They provide community, financial, intellectual and operating support for the projects. We can't thank them enough for investing in the future of the Garifuna Nation.